Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Shoes

Don't forget, it's Thursday and that means I guest posted over at Polish Art Addiction! This week was Invader Zim nails, check them out here!
I probably say this all too often, but I'm getting married! In September! Which is like crazy soon, ahh!  I'm definitely not the most traditional bride, so I try to ensure there is a little bit of funkiness in every aspect of our wedding. So to offset my traditional white dress I decided to get a very non-traditional pair of shoes! I decided not to let anyone see my dress before the wedding, but I couldn't keep these shoes to myself and I figured what better way to show them off than by painting their design on my nails! Here are some of my favorite things about these shoes: They are definitely not your normal wedding shoes. They take care of my something blue. They are comfortable. They have HIGH heels. And they allow me to do a special craft to them... But I'll post about that when it's completed!