Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pettson and Findus

Last week I posted these nails over at Polish Art Addiction. And boy did I learn a lot! A girl named Laureen simply  suggested "Pettersson and Findus," and I went to Google to learn more. Everything that turned up was in German! So I figured this was a German children's cartoon. I watched an intro to a show on Youtube, saw some book covers, and figured this was a huge fad in Germany (welcome to why my thumb says "und"). Well, as soon as it posted at Polish Art Addiction, a ton of helpful commenters corrected me and said that it was originally a Swedish cartoon! Originally the Swedish cartoon was called Pettson and Findus (or Pettson och Findus) and it was a set of children's books about a farmer and his cat. Here's a photo of them: