Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nail School - Day 39 - My Last Day

Well, I did it. I finished nail school yesterday. My last day was busy and exciting. The first thing that I did was make some rings out of acrylics. That's right, the rings below were made from the same stuff that you make fake nails out of! I made three rings, but I'm too lazy to get up right now to photograph the other ones. This one turned out the best though. I'm thinking about starting a ring making thing on etsy because these were fun to make that I think I can make really intricate designs now that I know how to do it. What do you think, would you buy one for the right price? 
Simple brown ring with brown shimmer/holographic powder.

Close up of the ring. You can see the holo sparkles better here
After making the rings I was lucky enough to get a facial with a chemical peel. One of the students in the esthetics department needed to practice, and because I was done with everything I needed to do, I got to be the test subject! It was great. My skin felt amazing. But this wasn't the only present I got yesterday -- Because I graduated with over 90% attendance (actually, I had 100% attendance), the school gave me this manicure bowl:

I think the best presents that I got over the course of the day though were from my classmates. They gave me cupcakes, balloons, and one made a drawing on the white board for me. It was amazing! I didn't think I would miss the school too much, but after my fellow students treated me so well, I had a change of heart. I will miss the other students I got to meet, the teachers who helped me to learn, and everyone else who I got to interact with. 

My day continued at lunch with my mom, which was great. We even did a little shopping afterwards. And finally, I joined my friend for some drinks. Overall, it was a great day, and interesting experience, and although I'm happy it's over, I enjoyed it for what it was!