Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nail School - Day 36

As I said a few days ago when I talked about the goals I've achieved/am still working on, I made some Obele nails! I'm really into shaping acrylics in interesting ways right now. I guess it's a little less boring than just forming "normal" nails. For a first attempt, I think these Obele's turned out awesome! Next time I hope to make my edges sharper. Usually the Obele nail has a much more dramatic stiletto, but I decided to try to make a more wearable Obele. According to this website (which has AWESOME explanations of nail shapes -- Obele is at the bottom of the page), the Obele is usually made from a UV gel. I assume it's usually a UV bonding gel, but at school we only have self-leveling UV gel, which as the name suggests, wouldn't be very good for building upwards. 

The Obele's were created last week, but today I worked more in 3D nail art. Here's a peek at what I was working on: