Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nail School - Day 32

Man, this cold I've had sure has decreased the number of blog posts I've been doing, huh? This post is for yesterday. I completely forgot to bring home my 3D nail art to photograph, but it's coming, I swear! Yesterday was great because at this point I'm done with my procedures so I have a bit more freedom as to what I'm doing in a day. By "done with my procedures" I am referring to the fact that we have to complete a certain number of services while we are at school. Here's the list of everything I had to complete:

21 Manicures
20 Pedicures
20 Acrylics
16 Wraps
12 Tips
8 Gels
20 State board hands
10 Nail Art

I've completed everything except for 3 pedicures. Which means I'm not only on track, but I'm ahead. In order to complete everything you have to do at least 3 procedures a day, but I regularly do about 5-7.

Today I have my 200 hour practical exam, so I'll let you know how it goes this evening! Hopefully this cold doesn't bog me down too much!