Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail School - Day 31

I skipped day 30, I know... I've been sick and pretty exhausted and most of the day I just slowly worked on my fake hand. Today I'm feeling a bit better so I'm back to blogging!

Today I did a Shellac mani on myself, which means that I have officially had acrylics, gels, wraps, and gel polish on my nails! That's pretty much everything, which is awesome! I wanted to try every product out so I knew how they felt and how they wore so that I could make sure I give my eventual clients the best results possible. Shellac is really easy, in fact I think it's easier than regular polish because it goes on so smoothly and if you need to clean up, it's super easy (it doesn't smear). The next investment I'll be making is a UV light so that I can do gels and gel polish when I start working. In a few days I'll be taking some pictures to show you the condition of my natural nails after all these procedures. Because I am gentle with my nails, they really aren't in horrible condition.

I also did something new for the first time today: 3D nail art with acrylics! It was tons of fun, which I wasn't expecting. I accidentally forgot to bring home the nails I worked on, so there won't be any pictures of them until tomorrow. But I promise it'll be worth the wait!

We also had our 200 hour written exam. I got a 95% and on Thursday I will be taking the 200 hour practical exam. Which is officially the last exam I have to take (until the actual state board)!