Monday, February 13, 2012

Nail School - Day 25

EDIT: I completely forgot to say this and it's one of the best things that happened to me all day, so I want to make sure it's the first thing that anyone reads! Quite a few readers have said that I've inspired them to go to nail school because of these posts and I don't think that I can possibly express how amazing that makes me feel. If I've inspired you, or encouraged you, or pushed you one step further: you are the exact reason I am continuing to blog. You mean more to me that you could possibly imagine. Thinking about how much it means to me could almost bring me to tears because knowing how hard this journey has been, and how worth it it apparently is painfully beautiful. Thank you!

Notice something different about my nails? Oh yeah, that's right, they have beautiful acrylics on them! And I did them! Awesome, right? Today was super amazing. First we prepared for the state board exam and then I had a client. The client I had was a client who came in a few weeks ago for a manicure and today she requested that I perform a manicure AND a pedicure on her! I felt so good, it was affirmation that I'm doing a good job. She said she came in not only for the mani/pedi but also to give me her contact information so that she can follow me to whatever salon I get a job at, she specifically wanted to make sure she didn't miss me before I graduated. How amazing is that? It felt so good and it was an honor to give her a mani and a pedi. I hope I did as well today as I did a few weeks ago!

After my client I decided to put these beautiful acrylics on my nails. I wanted to add some length but I wasn't a huge fan of the tips that I had on previously (I put on tips/wraps on my nails which you can see here). So to add the length I used forms. A form is a kind of sticker that you use to create a base to extend the acrylic over the free edge. I really like forms because you can do things like create "the edge" nail with them and they are really fun to work with.

I used an acrylic color called warm pink opaque which was beautiful. I really like colors that start with the word "warm," I think they help to boost your skin tone. I ended up being proud of the application which is awesome because I definitely rushed the process. That was also great because they are my first acrylics on a human hand (as opposed to my fake hand). I plan to use them in my eventual portfolio. And I'll let you know how the hold up!
Both hands. I really messed up my ring finger on the bottom hand (ie. my right hand) because I got the acrylic WAY too close to my eponychium which can cause lifting. 

Here's a side view. The side view can really help you to see imperfections so that I think this helps to show what a good job I did. I know, tooting my own horn =) 
Here's how thin they are. I think it's a good thickness. Because I added length and there is not support system I didn't want them to be too thin so I went with a slightly thicker acrylic than I might have done without a lengthening enhancement or with tips.