Monday, February 6, 2012

Nail School - Day 19

This is a super late post about last Friday at nail school, I had a super busy weekend and haven't gotten around to it! Friday we learned how to use acrylics (monomer and polymer mixtures, not the paint) to make smile lines for french manicures on acrylic nails. Usually in nail salons if you want a white tip on an acrylic set the nail technician will apply a white tip to the nail, then a clear acrylic over the top of it. But we learned how to actually form the smile line with a white acrylic. I liked this a lot because with the acrylic tips you can only have the smile line that the tip comes in, but sometimes you want a deeper or shallower line. The only problem is that it turns out it's super hard! First you apply the white acrylic to the tip of the nail, then you form it into a smile, but sometimes it dries to quickly, or it's too wet, so it's definitely a learning process!