Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail School - Bonus Guest Post

Hi everyone! Today I have a follow-up guest post by Lexi from Finger Painted about what materials she received at nail school. Lexi is an incredible nail artist who just began nail school last week, and lucky for you, she's blogging about her progress! It's perfect timing to because soon I will no longer be in school so you can get your daily nail school fix from her! I forgot to mention the few things that the school gave me to keep (ie. they are my personal property and I get to take them with me when school is done), which include a brush for acrylics, a dappen dish, nippers, tip cutter, toenail clippers, scissors, tweezers. This is pretty much exactly the opposite of how Lexi's nail school does things, so without further ado, here's Lexi:

Hey! Its Lexi from Finger Painted :) I just started nail tech school and Ive blogging everyday as well. Nev asked me if I would talk about what the school provides and what I have to buy.  My school is sponsored by OPI so all the products we use are OPI. Just like at Nev's school, we have a closet in the classroom that has supplies and a polish rack, but we also each have our own nail kits. Part of our tuition goes towards the kit that we receive on our first day. The kit is absolutely tremendous and weighs a million pounds! haha. Most of the stuff we need in class is in our kits so we have to bring them back and forth with us everyday. I took tons of pictures of everything inside. The only thing we had to buy separately from the kit was a tip/edge cutter for tips and a straight edge toenail clipper. We also don't have fake hands to use at school so I bought my own.