Thursday, February 16, 2012

Genesee Bock Beer

Man, I sure was a sour puss yesterday. On the plus side my grumpy mood has made motivated me to have some awesome stuff for you tonight! There will be a photo of me in my uniform, some explanations of the licensure process in NY and best of all a VIDEO TUTORIAL on the Chevron nails I posted yesterday (I already took the video so now I just have a little bit of editing to do! 
Here in sunny Rochester, NY (I'm being facetious, Rochester is pretty much never sunny) our local beer is Genesee. It's pretty awful and the joke is that the disgusting Genesee River water is the main factor to its grossness. It is widely accepted that there is only one type of good Genesee beer: Genny Cream Ale. I will admit, the Cream Ale isn't that bad. I still don't understand why people choose to drink it. More recently, Cream Ale's status as bearable has been compromised because of the rising popularity of Genny Bock. A bock beer is a spring-time beer that is usually a pretty strong lager. Ron (the fiancee) enjoys a good Genny Bock now and again (I'm not much of a beer drinker, you're more likely to see me sipping a glass of bourbon), which he claims to like because of the flavor but I'm convinced he likes bock's because of the official spokes-animal, the billy goat (Ron adores goats). But either way, he was having a beer with dinner the other night and I realized how perfectly the can could be turned into nail art! Even the green background with flower details was beautiful!