Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nail School - Day 7

Today was pedicure day for everyone! I'll just walk you through my entire day and post some pictures for you to see.

When we first got to school we had to immediately start doing pedicures because there were clients booked for the afternoon and a finite number of pedicure tubs (to supplement income, beauty schools often take clients for a discounted price and allow students to perform the procedures). First we watched our teacher do a demo. I don't find the demos particularly helpful. This is mostly because it's hard to see details in a classroom full of people and because our teacher does not usually teach this class, so she often does a different procedure than what we're supposed to do. After watching her perform a pedicure, I got a partner (let's call her L) and I began setting up to give her a pedicure! The set up is surprisingly complicated. There are a lot of things that you need to make sure you have (like alcohol, acetone, lotion, antiseptic, cuticle pushers, clippers, files, nail polish) and it's spread out all over the school! You have to go to one room to get lotion and cuticle remover, another room to get towels, another room to get acetone, and another cabinet to get a foot file. There's even one more room you have to go to if you need an electric file!

Once I had all my stuff set up, I gave L her pedicure. I think it went well, but I'm not totally sure. I didn't file her rough spots enough and I didn't use a nippers to get off dead skin. I'm not totally sure what the difference in appearance of dead and live skin is and I get worried about cutting the live skin. I think I learned a lot from it and I look forward to doing more pedicures. Well, that's not totally true. I look forward to doing more pedicures for people who don't have gross feet. The hardest part for me is filing. I can't get the hang of it at all. I never filed my own nails, so doing someone else's nails is super hard.

This is the pedicure I did on L. Polishing other people is hard!
After doing L's toes, it was her turn to do mine. I think she did a great job! My feet don't feel much different, but they do look quite pretty. She was a little sloppy with the polish and we were running out of time, so I cleaned them up myself. Here's a picture of the toes that L did for me (I smudged the big toe a little):

After we were done with pedicures I got to get caught up from yesterday and do a manicure! I got to do L's manicure which was super hard for me because she had acrylic nails on. This means that I didn't get to practice pushing back cuticles and filing was a little different. It was also totally different to paint an acrylic nail because it require sooooo much more nail polish than my tiny little baby nails. I guess I have to get used to nails of all shapes and sizes! Here's a picture of the first manicure I ever did:

After the manicure I took a test and got a 100%. Then we reviewed our book. Then I took another test and got a 100%. And that's a day at nail school!