Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail School - Day 3

Today we had our second exam. Like I said before, we have exams almost EVERY day! This was our first exam based on the chapters of our book, and I got another 100%. But I was COMPLETELY shocked at what happened:

Before the exam, she asked us if we wanted to review a bit beforehand, which of course everyone wanted to do. Then she proceeded to ask us a bunch of multiple choice questions and we, as a class, would answer them. I figured that she was reading off of some practice test but I was wrong. She was verbatim reading the questions from our exam and then telling us the answers! Immediately after she finished telling us the answers she handed out the exam and we took it.

Maybe it's just because I recently finished college, but I'm totally baffled by this! I asked another student about it and she said that that was normal and that before every test, we'll do that.

Crazy times at nail school....