Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nail School - Day 2

Today was uneventful. We have exams almost everyday and today I got a 100% on our first exam, so that's good.

Here's a thing that I really dislike:
The most popular program (involving nails) offered at my school is "Nails and Waxing." I, of course, have zero interest in waxing, so I decided to take the "Nail Specialty" program.
Nail Specialty requires 250 hrs
Nails and Waxing requires 305 hrs
All the "Nails and Waxing" and "Nail Specialty" students are in one classroom, so when I signed up I assumed that the extra 55 hours at THE END of the course would be devoted to waxing. Come to find out that they do the waxing in the beginning!

What does this mean for me? Well, it means that tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday when all the other students (there are only two students in "Nail Specialty," myself and one other girl) are learning waxing I will be... ummm... I'm not really sure... I've been told I can work on my resume. Which will take all of five minutes. So what in the world should I occupy my time with over the next three days?! I am already two chapters ahead in the book. If I keep getting so far ahead I'll have nothing to do when I finish and everyone else still has work to do! Ughh.... Any ideas for stuff I can do?

Oh yeah, I can't paint my nails yet