Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail School - Day 15

One of the many things we do in nail school is take exams. In fact, we take TONS of exams. We have an exam almost every single day. This "exams" are more like quizzes: they are chapter tests that relate to the book work we do and typically have about 30 multiple choice questions. As I've said before, before any of these chapter tests we do a "review" of the material, which consists of the teacher reading the quiz to us and giving us the answers. Well, today we had our first big exam which was what we called our 100 hour exam. After certain hour markers, we have these big exams that (presumably) make up a large chunk of our grade. Our 100 hour exam was 80 questions and instead of the teacher giving us the answers to all 80, she gave us the answers to about 30. But the questions were largely exactly the same as our chapter tests, so it wasn't too hard. I got a 94%, which was good, but I'm disappointed because I know I could have done better. I was a little irked because the teacher gave out the grades while I was with a client and she told the entire class my grade! What if I hadn't done as well as a 94%? I wouldn't want everyone to know! I think it was an honest mistake, but I was still a little weirded out by it.

As I just hinted at, I had clients today... TWO clients! Whoo hoo! I did a pedicure first on a very nice lady and then a few hours later I got to do a manicure on another wonderful woman! I had an amazing time with both of them and really enjoyed the conversations I had. I was saying earlier that I almost wish I had some really mean, awful clients just so that I could get used to it so that it isn't such a shock in the workplace. I'm sure that's something I will never wish for again after I have my first mean client. Today was a bit different though because my pedicure client didn't tip me. She and I had a great conversation and I think I did a great job on her feet, so I was a little surprised when she didn't leave a tip. However, it doesn't really bother me to not get a tip, first of all it reminds me that in reality I won't always get tips, and secondly, all I really care about is working with real clients. The practice I'm getting is invaluable to me and there is no tip big enough that could replace what I'm learning.