Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nail School - Day 13

Okay, so yesterday I wrote about tips, right? Well, one of the things that you can put over tips is a wrap! I had heard the term wrap before, but I never really knew what it was. It turns out I've been doing my own make-shift wraps for ages! A wrap is essentially a fabric overlay that you can put over just your natural nail or over your nail and a tip. There are a ton of purposes for wraps: First they strengthen the nails because they add an extra layer of protection. Second they are awesome for those small tears that you sometimes get on the sides of your nails, like when you break a nail down really low and don't want to cut it? You can fix it with a wrap until it grows out! Wraps don't change the appearance of the nail AT ALL if they are applied correctly and they don't feel any different than your natural nail. I know, it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I'm definitely in love with them already! I did wraps on both of my hands (there is a picture below but I'll be taking GOOD pictures this evening after I get home from swing dancing class!) so I'll let you know how they hold up.

EDIT: Here's a better photograph that shows both the thickness of a nail wrap and the appearance of fabric. This is before I completely finished buffing them and in the end they all looked like my ring finger. Notice the index finger to see what the fabric looks like.

The white on my thumb is a little bit of white polish. If you enlarge the image really big you can see hatching on my nails, that is the wrap. Like I said, I'll have better pictures later which will show a poorly applied wrap and a good one! Hope this inspires you!

So far, they feel exactly like natural nails except my nails feel stronger. I love it! I have super weak nails so this might be the PERFECT thing for me.

In the meantime, if you're wondering about wraps, or wondering how I used to use them (before I learned about them in school), I'll tell you this little gem that has helped me fix many a broken nail:

If you have a broken nail you can fix it with a base (or top) coat and a coffee filter (really, you can even use paper towel, but it doesn't work quite as well). All you do is tear a small piece of coffee filter that will cover the crack. Then you put on your base coat and use a tweezers to lay the coffee filter onto the break. Cover it with another layer of base coat and let it dry! It should last about 2 days before you have to replace the coffee filter. It works great for me! But, I think from now on, I'll stick with wraps!