Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nail School - Day 12

Today I did tip application for the first time. Right now I'm exhausted and I don't have good photographs of the nails I did, so I won't be posting until later tonight or maybe even tomorrow. Have a nice evening!


Okay, I'm recovered from my exhaustion!
Tip application is when you put a fake tip onto a natural nail. You don't cover it with anything, you just put the tip on with nail glue, file the nail, then buff the fake nail so that it blends with the real nail. So that is what I did yesterday (or my 12th day).

We use these crazy fake hands that are really annoying. We put masking tape over the nails so that we don't have to constantly soak the hands in acetone after doing procedures. After the masking tape, we put a fake nail down that we pretend is the real nail. So here are some pictures of my first tip application!

The things you should be looking for in a good tip application are
1. Good blending with the real nail and fake nail
2. A good (and consistent) nail shape
3. The nail shouldn't wobble

How did I do?

Some close ups of my worst nails. I figured the good ones were boring to see since they just look perfectly clean.
This is what the process looks like 
This is what the nail tips that we use at school look like
This is my super creepy hand. I looks way weirder in person!