Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nail School - Day 11

First, some business. I'm uploading my cuticle video as we speak, but I may have to pause for a bit, so it should be up around 9ish at the latest.

Now, today! Today was exciting, I had my first ever REAL client! At our salon, most of the clients that students receive are getting pedicures, but my first ever client was a woman who wanted a manicure. I was a little nervous when I saw her because I recognized her from last week as a client who came in for a pedicure. She wasn't a bad client, or a mean client, but she wanted things done a certain way and wasn't afraid to ask for them. I was so worried I wouldn't do something to her liking and then she would be upset with me, but I must have done a good job because she tipped me VERY heftily. It was fun having a real client. She wanted a spa manicure (which is just like our regular manicure but with an exfoliation and a mask) and she added on a paraffin treatment. It was a little embarrassing because I hadn't done a paraffin treatment yet so I had to ask my teacher to help me with that part, but it was fine. It was a great learning experience to have someone actually paying me to perform a manicure because I really worked my hardest.

It was also totally different from manicuring students because, unlike students who are changing their nail polish color every day, a client wants a polish color to look great on them. So I tried a few different polishes on her before we found one she loved. I think it was well worth having to try a bunch of polishes though because the one we decided on looked amazing!