Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Remove Cuticles - Video

I made this (minimally edited) video to help with cuticle removal. Here is a basic list of steps that you can complete to make your cuticles and eponychium look great!

To see the difference between the cuticle and eponychium, visit my post here.

Step 1: Massage a cuticle remover in circles all over the nail plate and around the eponychium. I use Sally Hansen's Gel Cuticle Remover at home, but I actually prefer the creamy cuticle removers. These can be purchased at most drug stores.
Step 2: (OPTIONAL) Use a wooden pusher to begin pushing back the eponychium and to get any huge cuticles off the nail plate.
Step 3: Use a metal pusher (if you don't have a metal pusher, you can use the wooden pusher, but I find they aren't nearly as effective. You may want to invest in a metal pusher.) to remove the rest of the cuticles. Get underneath the eponychium by guiding the pusher along its edge. You can use pretty heavy pressure. You should see little flakes of cuticle coming off. Make sure to read the directions on your cuticle remover and only leave the remover on as long as it says (mine says 2 minutes). When you wash your hand, you can use a scrub brush if you really want to make your cuticles and eponychium look great!