Monday, December 12, 2011

What Else Would I Be For Halloween...?

Oh man... Haven't you just been waiting for today? I know I have!!! It's totally possible that I'm more excited about this than you, but finally... I PRESENT TO YOU... My Halloween nails!


I love Taco Bell (which, if you read my blog a lot, you are probably tired of hearing). It is the best. It is gooey and delicious and full of happiness. So for Halloween I was a Taco Bell Hot Border Sauce! Below is a picture of my (home made) costume. But let's be honest, the nails complete the look! I was so happy with out these turned out. I've done Taco Bell nails tons of times before (You can see a simple logo design here and a first attempt at the Border Sauce look here), but these are BY FAR my favorite!

On my nails I painted the Taco Bell logo, the bell, and the word "Hot" in the Border Sauce lettering, since I was a Hot Sauce! Yay. Total happiness.

Well... Not total happiness... It's only 8am and Taco Bell isn't open yet so I'll have to wait to quench my craving until later today.