Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Very Spongebob Halloween

Turns out I really stink at making cartoon characters. Here I made Vampire Spongebob and Mummy Patrick as a request from Naina Pickles on Tumblr. She asked for Spongebob nails and because it was the Halloween season I decided to spice them up. Looking back at these, I think they could have been good, but my line work is really shake-y for some reason. Which leads me into about myself:

I have a tremor! That's right, I shake uncontrollably. Everyone asks me how I'm able to do nail art because of the tremor, and my response is always that both of my hands shake at the same time so it isn't difficult at all! However, it does make doing other peoples nails more difficult. But as long as I steady my hands and really concentrate, I don't usually have too much of a problem.

The fact that I can still (usually) get pretty straight lines with a tremor should be an inspiration to everyone who says they could never do nail art. Anyone can do it! All you need is patience and nail polish!