Wednesday, December 14, 2011

French Tips

After getting engaged, the last thing that I wanted was for my nail art to overshadow my new shiny ring, so i went with a very simple french tip. I didn't have time to take pictures for a few days so you can see there is some tip wear on these. I used an acrylic paint to get the nude color and a white Wet N' Wild polish. Then I used Kleancolor's matte top coat, which I absolutely love. I also put on two little jewels that Ron's mom gave me to accent my ring fingers. I hadn't ever used 3D nail art stuff before and I loved it! To attach them I simply put them on my nail while my top coat was still wet. I didn't top coat over them (I read that this makes the facets less obvious) and they stayed on perfectly for about 4 days (and probably would have stayed longer if I hadn't got bored and took them off).