Monday, December 19, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Ahh cherry blossoms! I see so many awesome cherry blossom nail designs that I knew I needed to try them out. Some of my favorite designs are the ones that are inspired by Arizona Iced Tea. I didn't want to be *too* literal, so I only used some color inspiration from the Arizona Iced Tea bottles. I ended up with a simple french tip with accents of the beautiful flower.

Leslie from Polish Art Addiction asked a great question in the comments that I thought I would address here (since I needed to edit this post anyways). She asked if I use a top coat and about the matte finish that a lot of my photos have. The answer is that I usually use a matte top coat! For these nails, like lots of others, I used partially acrylic paint and partially polish. When I use Kleancolor's matte top coat over this combination, I get a look like above. I love the matte look, it just suits my style. I actually started liking the matte look because I stink at taking photographs of my nails and when I used shiny top coats I found that I would get the sheen of the flash right over the details of my nails! Ughh!! Once I started with the matte top coats, I fell in love. Some of my older nails are painted by using all acrylic paints and no top coat, which also gives a matte appearance. Usually when I do that, I put a top coat on right after I take the pictures.