Saturday, December 10, 2011


... Or intestines, maybe? I don't know, these definitely don't look like brains, but I'm not totally sure what they *do* look like! To get this look, I followed Robin Moses' tutorial which can be seen here. She is the tutorial guru and I'm sure that if you follow her instructions you'll turn out with a better set of brains than I did! A problem that I have with nail art is that I'm not really that good at art -- I mean, I can copy things just find but when it comes to doing something more free form like brains I'm not always the best at figuring out how to make it look good. I hope this gets better with practice!

Anyways, another brains related post that you should check out is Michelle aka Sonoma Bento's Hello Kitty Halloween nails.  Michelle and I are both huge fans of Robin Moses (let's be honest, who isn't), so when Michelle saw Robin's tutorial she always knew she had to turn it into something new and creative! Michelle's take on the design is AWESOME!

Also, I may not post anything tomorrow BUT there's a good reason why. The post that I was going to do tomorrow is so awesome, so incredible, so magnificent, that I hate to post it on a Sunday (which is the day I get the least traffic). The post is the nails you've all been waiting for: my ACTUAL Halloween nails. And let me tell you, they are some of my favorite nails EVER!  So, I promise if there is no post tomorrow it is well worth waiting until Monday!!!