Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Previously, I did a really complicated basketweave pattern which can be seen here that I'm really proud of, but it took forever! This time I wanted to do something simple and fast. From far away, I think the two designs looks pretty similar! I don't have a lot to say about these, so I'll tell you about my plans for the next week.

I'm leaving town tomorrow for about a week to go to sunny California! Because of this, I will be queuing up a bunch of posts, so don't worry, there will be lots of nail art over the next week! I also want to remind you that this Thursday, and every Thursday, I'll be guest posting over at Polish Art Addiction. In the mean time, as long as you're checking out my blog, why not pop over there as well?

The only unfortunate part about me going out of town is that I'll largely be MIA when it comes to responding to comments or requests. I'll hop on my computer a few times while I'm gone, and I promise that as soon as I'm home I'll catch up!

Another exciting thing that will be happening in the first week of the new year is that I'll be starting nail tech school! I know, super exciting! I'll be blogging about my progress and what I hate/love about it.

Here's the first thing I expect to hate:
They give you a break down of the hours that you do each thing so I found out that I will be learning about foot fungus for 8 hours and  nail art for ONLY 4 HOURS! What?!!! Crazy.