Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Blogger Problem

Okay, I'm coming to you all with another problem! First I was struggling with figuring out who my new followers were but now I'm having trouble with following other people!!

So this is essentially what happens:
I follow someone new. The window tells me, "You are following this person" (or whatever it says). A few days later I'm not following that person!!!

I've noticed this problem with two people in particular and I've been tracking what's going on with them. The first is Amber from Amber Did It. I have attempted to follow her three times now and each time a few days pass and I'm not following her anymore! The second person that I've really be noticing this trend with is Nail Reflections where essentially the same thing has happened.  I just noticed this with several other people too! I know that I'm following them correctly but it just keeps goings away. I haven't noticed this problem before the last week or so.

What is going on? I need to follow these people! They are posting awesome nail art that I want to see!!!