Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swatching - Chunky Holo Black

Usually I find swatching really boring -- I guess I'm too into nail art to care about solid colors. I also do you usually find glittery polishes exciting, but Kleancolor's Chunk Holo Black = love. It is so amazing, that I decided to swatch it! I suck at taking pictures, so these don't do the polish justice.

Chunky Holo Black is a "holographic" (really it's more of a duo-chrome) jelly based polish that has multiple sizes of hexagon glitter. It is beautiful. It kind of takes on the look of a flakey because of the different sizes of hexagons. Here I applied 3 coats over black nail polish. There are only two disadvantages to this polish (and all the Kleancolor polishes, really) is that it smells HORRIBLE and it takes FOREVER to dry. But it's worth both of those pitfalls!