Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spooky Candle

This was the week that I was being super un-creative and just copying other peoples beautiful designs. These were designed by Michelle aka Sonoma Bento -- One of my all time favorite nail artists. Her original set can be seen here. Can we just talk about how creative this girl is for a second here? These were part of her 31 day challenge and these were for the gradient day. UMMM that's amazing! This is such an awesome take on gradients. Everyone is so used to the typical gradients, but Michelle took it over the top.

I first discovered Michelle's work via Robin Moses, who posted Michelle's adorable tribute nails to Moses' dog Fishay, which can be seen here. Then, without knowing it, I saw more of Michelle's work in Leslie's (from Polish Art Addiction) "Good Enough to Eat" Contest. Michelle entered her awesome trout nails. I showed them to my friend who loves fishing and I think he fell in love a little bit. Then FINALLY Michelle started her own blog and now I find myself checking her blog more often than I check my email!

I hope that if you do anything today, it is to check out (and follow, and comment on) Michelle's blog. She is the best.