Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well, if this isn't the best day ever to be posting Iron Maiden nails, I don't know what is!

Iron Maiden, an amazing heavy metal band, is Ron's favorite band. He has seen them many times and he would probably go far and wide (and possibly spend all of our money) to see them many more times. But the reason that these nails could not have come at a better time is because....

Ron proposed to me last night (I said yes)! So instead of telling you about Iron Maiden, I think I'll tell you about that!

Ron and I both love metal music, and last night we went to a concert where the bands Exhumed and Goatwhore played (I'm sorry for the faint of heart, there is sometimes profanity in metal). Well, Exhumed is probably one of my favorite death metal bands, so during their set, all of a sudden the front-man says, "Alright, where's Ron? Get up here, Ron" and then he points to me and says, "You too!" Before this moment, I hadn't suspected anything, but as soon as I was forced up on stage, I knew what was going on.

Ron's proposal was probably the best thing ever. He said to me, "Ever since I met you, I knew I wanted to be with you... And I want to give you my heart for the rest of my life." He proceeded to rip his shirt open and fake blood started spewing everywhere! Then he pulled out a fake heart and handed it to me. I'm pretty sure that at some point he was down on one knee, but honestly, I was so in shock that I'm not totally sure. At the very bottom I posted some video. There is swearing and blood, but it is adorable.

We spent the evening attempting to not get my beautiful engagement ring bloody and now our skin is stained red. I joked with him, "Well, you may have fake blood stain on you for a few days, but now you're stuck with me for a lifetime!"
Here is my beautiful White Topaz and Black Diamond ring (plus Ron's heart... duh...)

The Exhumed nails that I wore to the show... There will be better pictures of the nails soon!

And again!