Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When I first started doing nail art, I realized that blogs existed that were completely devoted to passion for nails, nail polish, nail art, and probably about a million more nail related sub-genres. I used to (who am I kidding, I still do) scour these blogs by bookmarking them all and compulsively checking them all. Ron, my fiance, loves hamburgers like how I love nails, so when he discovered Burgers and Nails aka The Nail-Burglar on tumblr, we were both in heaven. A blog that was completely devoted to the combination of two of our greatest passions! The Nail-Burglar is pretty self explanatory: It features photographs of hamburgers being held by well manicured ladies (and presumably sometimes men as well). So, Ron and I knew that we *had* to submit some nails to this site, and it took me long enough! I finally decided to paint The Hamburglar from McDonaldland on my nails! I painted his face on my ring finger, his striped jailbird suit on my thumb and pinky, and his hamburger print tie on my index and middle fingers.

Here's the actual post on Burgers and Nails. Hope you enjoy!