Saturday, October 22, 2011

Plain Stripes

A thing that I need to learn how to do is tape manicures. I think my impatience kills me for doing them because I always (well, the one time I did one) put the tape down before my polish dried. This was SUPPOSED to be a super quick mani to last me through an evening out. I painted it in about 10 minutes with acrylic paints (which dry faster) and then quickly applied my top coat. But obviously I forgot that top coats require time to dry as well -- I started getting dressed and immediately ruined these nails! Without enough time to repaint, I spent the entire evening attempting to hide my nails (which is really really hard to do). I think everyone probably thought I was crazy for grabbing all my drinks with like a deformed monkey paw of a hand. Stupid ruined manicures always ruin my nights!