Thursday, October 6, 2011


Shh... Don't tell anyone... I love Matt Groening.

I know, it's a shock. But it's true. Futurama is totally awesome, which you may already know from my Futurama nails which can be seen here (or from, you know, watching it). I think Nibbler, Leela's pet who poops dark matter, is pretty adorable, so I put him (and his poop) on my nails. The idea came to me because my friend Erika was making her boyfriend a Futurama Clue game for his birthday (like the themed Monopoly's, but with Clue and Futurama). She was trying to come up with weapons, and I figured that Nibbler, who can eat just about anything in one bite, would be a pretty awesome weapon. I forget if she ended up using him as a weapon or not, but I know all of her ideas were AMAZING and that it turned out insanely awesome.

Fun fact: Most people mispronounce Groening... It rhymes with "complaining"