Saturday, October 29, 2011

My First Haul

Well, this was my first and probably last haul! It isn't my last because I had a bad experience, just because I'm cheap! I heard about Kleancolor and went to their website and found about one million things that I *needed* so I bought them all. I didn't do any swatches because I kind of find swatches boring, but if you're curious about ANY of these products, feel free to ask me to do a swatch of something and I'll happily post it!!!

This is everything I got! You'll notice in the background the Hair Polisher, which ended up kind of sucking. It was very thick and a bit greasy. I got it for my boyfriend because he likes a silky product in his hair, but it was definitely a bust. 
Here from left to right we have: Cuticle Remover, Calcium, and Madly Matte

The Cuticle Remover doesn't seem to do very much, I'm honestly not sure what the difference between good cuticles and bad cuticles is. I only know what the difference between average cuticles and INSANELY GOOD cuticles looks like. The Calcium works nicely, I like to use calcium as a base coat, and this one doesn't allow staining any more than any other base coat, so it works nicely for my purposes. Madly Matte is wonderful. I have been wanting a matte topcoat for some time now because I LOVE how matte nails look (so much so that sometimes I don't top coat my acrylic paints so that they keep their matte-ness). Madly Matte does what you would think it would do, but I've never used any other matte topcoats, so I can't compare it to other things. 

And here is the reason I went to Kleancolor in the first place: Chunky Holo Black, Chunky Holo Bluebell, and Chunky Holo Fuschia

Oh man, oh man. I love these so much. Chunky holo black is like my favorite thing ever. I like the picture that I took here because it gives you a good idea of what these colors look like if you don't use a base coat. The "black" is almost like a mustard-y brown, the bluebell is a light-ish blue with hints of red, and the fuschia is vibrant with hints of blue. Over a solid color base coat, these all look essentially the same. The one difference is that the black has multiple sizes of holographic hexagons where as the bluebell and fuschia only have one size. This makes the black almost look like a flakey.

An important thing to know about these is that they stink, literally not figuratively (figuratively they rock). When you open up the polishes there is a pungent smell that can easily over take a room. This didn't bother me too much, but I could see how some people might not like that. But for the price, about $2 each, can you really complain?
Left to right: Born to the Purple and Blue-Eyed Girl

I really like both of these. They are both full of two sizes of hexagon glitter and have dark jelly bases. The colors look a lot like how they do in the bottles. The only problem that I had with these two polishes was that the polish dries really really slow. For me, that was a hassle because I generally don't have a huge amount of time to paint my nails so having to sit around without moving my fingers was really annoying. On the plus side though, the hexagons easily came out of the bottle and applied thickly to the nails, so there was no lack of glitter!

Left to right: Holiday Jingle, Golden Nightmare, Holo Orange

Holiday Jingle is totally un-holiday. In the bottle it appears to be a dark green glitter, making it perfectly Christmas-y, however on the nail it is really bright green. It is neon enough that I wouldn't call it a holiday green. What I do love about it though is that the glitter is SUPER dense, so your nails just look like glitter, not at all like polish. Golden Nightmare is a black with gold sparkles. It applied nicely and looks almost like a night sky, I like using it as a background for galaxy nails! Holo Orange is gorgeous, it is what it says it is, a holographic orange polish. It isn't as dense as some holos are, so it works really nicely over top of another polish. It can definitely also work alone, and if you want to wear it by itself it looks very much like it does in this picture and only takes a few coats to become opaque. 

I also got this set of tiny tiny beads for nail accents, they are hard to apply, but I love how they look. I also go a package that looks exactly like this of holographic glitter, but it was insanely hard to photograph, so there are no pictures.

Anyways, I hope this was interesting, and like I said, if you want to know more about any of the products, feel free to ask!