Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog Awards

I go MIA for the weekend and I come back to some amazing comments and more amazingly, my first ever blog award from Liz at Nail Files From the Basement. She is wonderful at stamping, has a great eye for color, and always has great nail care tips!

The rules for the award are that I have to: tell you seven facts about myself, link back to the person's blogger who awarded me, and share this award with ten others.

Since I've never done blog awards before, I'm going to try to give you the seven most awesome facts ever. But also since I've never done blog awards I don't know the etiquette when it comes to awarding someone who's already been awarded. But I've decided that the girls I want to give this award to deserve one million awards, so I am ignoring it if they've already won. So here goes:

1. I have a severe phobia of sharks... So severe that if you were to draw a shark and I saw it, I'd be likely to run away. I regularly have my boyfriend check under the bed for sharks before I'm willing to get out of the bed (of course I warn him to stand back when he does, I wouldn't want him to get eaten).

2. My two biggest pet peeves are wet socks and thick straws. Wet socks are so annoying to me that I NEVER wear socks in the winter for fear of wetness. If I get so much as one drop of water on my socks I have to stop everything I'm doing and take off my socks. Thick straws are just stupid. When you drink you just get too much liquid in each sip. I don't understand why anyone thought they were a good idea.

3. You probably know this one if you read my blog regularly, but I love Taco Bell. It is by far my favorite food. I eat it about 2-3 times a week, which is a lot less that I used to (when I lived in Pittsburgh, I ate it about 4-5 times a week). I'm completely addicted.

4. I wish that I could be considered an economist. I love the field and I like to think I'm good at it. I often wish I could sit down everyone in the world and explain basic economics to them because I think the world would be a better place.

5. I'm an aerialist. Or, I was... but I will be again soon. I do aerial silks (like in Cirque Du Soleil when the long fabric hangs from the ceiling and they climb up it and do acrobatics). I'm on hiatus right now because I don't feel that there are people I can train with in Rochester (where I live). I'll be moving in the next year or so probably and one of the main ways I'll be choosing where to move is by answering the question, "Are there good aerialists here?"

6. I have dyslexia, which prevented me from learning to read until I was about seven or eight. Luckily it hasn't held me back as an adult, except for the fact that I sometimes mix up loose and lose; b's and d's, and other similar combinations.

7. Two of my favorite things are music and movies. I listen to metal, mostly death metal, black metal, and doom metal. I regularly travel out of town to see concerts, which I love to do. I think people look at me weird when they see a metal head with beautifully painted nails, haha. Movies are the best way to live vicariously. I'm a huge 1980's slasher film nerd (you'd be surprised how many 1980's slasher films exist), but I love pretty much every genre.

Here are the amazing ladies of nail art that I love a lot, I wish I could have put every single nail artist on the list, but that would take forever!

Sonoma Bento - Who does some of the best freehand I've ever seen
Robin Moses - Whose videos have taught me and the masses that freehand-ing is attainable
Tara from For Your Nails Only - Whose creativity reminds me to try new things
Leslie from Polish Art Addiction - Who taught me new techniques and inspired me to start blogging my nails
Alexisaurus from Je T'aime Lacquer  -  Who is creative, and cute, and fun, and responsive, and ALWAYS makes me smile
Ellie from ER-Nails - Who has style!
Rina from Simply Rins - Who loves cartoons and paints them beautifully on her nails
Selene and Theia from Aphrodite's Notebook - Who are newer to blogging, but are knocking it out of the park
Melissa from The Daily Nail - The first nail blog I checked daily and still one of the most unique blogs around
Jacki from Adventures in Acetone - Whose 31 day challenge rocked my socks (luckily they didn't get wet though)
Sarah from Chalkboard Nails - Because she actually made me semi-interested in swatches and her nail art is beautiful

Okay, so that's eleven. But how can you ask me to erase one person when they're all so great! I hope I didn't disappoint with my first blog award and I hope to receive another one some day, I had tons of fun doing this!