Friday, September 23, 2011

The Story of Where I Went

Here is the incredibly stupid reason that I have been MIA lately. I go to school at a university that uses gmail for our email accounts. For some reason they have changed something how you sign into your email that makes it INSANELY annoying for me to get on blogger. The change has made the following be the process every time I want to write a new blog:

1. go to blogger
2. press sign in
3. get redirected to my email account
4. sign in through my university email address
5. get redirected to a page that says "this email address does not have a blog attached to it"
6. click "sign in a different account"
7. log out of the university email account
8. get redirected to my university's home page
9. go BACK to blogger
10. sign in like a normal person

No matter what I do (ie. never sign in to my university email, log out of my university email before going to blogger in the first place, etc) I can not avoid this incredible annoying process. And apparently, it's a big deterrent for me because I haven't been on in ages. And that makes me feel really awful because I have like 40 sets of nails to still post. Today my plan is to queue up a bunch of posts so that, if I continue being annoyed by this, you can still see new stuff! Really, my goal should be to "stop letting something so minimal bug me so much." But all I have to say to that is: Baby steps!!!