Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Star Wars

Above are my favorite nails that I've ever painted. The idea came to me after I painted the nails below, which have made their way onto many different hands. I thought to myself, what is a more unique way that I could do Star Wars nails? And I ended up with a complicated mess of characters. I decided to do a sort of "good verses evil" theme, so my left hand is all "good" characters including:
Thumb: Princess Leia's hair
Index: R2-D2
Middle: Chewbacca
Ring: X-Wing fighter
Pinky: Blue light saber
On my right hand I painted some of the "evil" characters. These included:
Thumb: Jabba the Hut
Index: Stormtrooper
Middle: Boba Fett
Ring: Tie fighter
Pinky: Red light saber

I loved these nails so much, so I hope that you get a kick out of checking them out!