Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tips For Great Galaxy Nails

I went to Wales for two week this summer and I wanted a set of low maintenance yet flashy nails. So I decided to do a second attempt at galaxy nails. Well, when I first finished these I loved them and thought that they turned out perfectly -- basically that I was the galaxy master. But every time that I look at them now I see where I went wrong. I now know how to accomplish the best ever galaxy nails, and by looking at this picture I can explain to you what some "beginners" mistakes are. First, when sponging on color it is INSANELY important to use a light hand. You can see in these pictures that the colorful areas don't really blend into the background, giving a stark contrast between the nebula's and sky. This makes it look more like a mash of colors than the galaxy. The second really important lesson I learned from these nails was that you can never have enough stars. Here I was doing stars from memory and they ended up looking more like sesame seeds than stars. A good technique is to make the stars really small and put them in clusters. This makes areas appear more like the milky way and less like a hamburger. I hope these tips help... I feel like in every tutorial I've ever watched no one has mentioned anything like this and I know that I would have found it to be helpful information!