Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Evil Dead

I love horror films (if I were exaggerating -- like I tend to do -- I would say "more than anything"). Almost all of my favorite horror films come from the 1980's, and although my favorite genre is the slasher film, The Evil Dead is way at the top of my favorites list. So for these nails I did two different logos from the film, The Book of the Dead, and Ash's face. This was my first attempt at portraiture, and as you can tell, I am still learning. But I think that these nails were the turning point in my artistic abilities because I challenged myself with Ash's face and with lettering (another hard skill). Whenever I am asked about my nail art, I always say that these are the first set of nails I painted that made me feel like an artist. And I think that every time I've painted my nails since these has been exponentially better that anything I did before them. I was so happy when I did these that I finally hit my stride -- and I couldn't be happier that it happened with something as cool as The Evil Dead!