Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Iron Giant

My boyfriend Ron loves movies. One of the few (he would say "many") movies that he really wanted me to see but I resisted was The Iron Giant. I just couldn't imagine it being all that great. It's a children's sci-fi movie essentially so I assumed the only reason Ron thought it was so great was because he had happy childhood memories around it (plus he's a boy). Of course as soon as he finally convinced me to give it a chance, I ended up loving it! The animation was amazing, the storyline was touching and interesting, and the characters were awesome. So when I decided to do The Iron Giant nails, I obviously told Ron that they were all for him, little does he know (I guess until now) that they were totally for me because I loved this movie!

Also, I don't know why Ron took so long to convince me to see the movie, he could have just told me that Jennifer Aniston did voices for it and I would have immediately watched it. Silly Ron.