Monday, February 21, 2011

Nails Inc Shoreditch with Daisies

So after a busy busy weekend I wanted to do a super cute but quick manicure. This is so simple to do if you have a nail art pen or 2. Paint your nails in Nails Inc Shoreditch after your preferred base coat (I used Seche Rebuild as my nails are dire at the moment).

Then make a simple flower shape using the nib of your nail art pen. 5 spots in a circle leaving a gap in the middle then fill the gap with a yellow dot.
The result is something like that!
Don't worry if your not perfect with the daisies. Mine aren't just look at this

You can see that the yellow circles are not perfect or central and I have messed up a few of the white bits too but unless someone looks as your nails as closely as the photo above then no one will notice.
I hope you like them and I love reading your comments and appreciate any feedback
Stacie xoxox