Monday, January 25, 2010

Custom rings to match Nail design

Hello my Dear Readers.
I want to introduce you thE idea of custom made rings that would match nail design. I saw some pictures online and i think it looks really polished and stunning. The minute i saw this idea, i decided that i am going to have it :) For those sets i made freehand painted design, but i believe that Konad Patterns will work really great as well
As a base, i used transparent resin rings that comes really chip and in variety of sizes - i ordered it from e-bay - for about $8 for 50 pc. Rings can be painted with both - acrylic paints or regular polishes - to match fingernails designs.
When design is gone from the nails i guess ring can be left as a souvenir, or thrown away as disposable.
Please let me know how do you like it? On those pictures rings and nails that i made for my girlfriends this weekend, i was glad to know that they loved it. Would you try it yourself?
Sakura for Natasha

And sexy "Viktoria" for my friend Vika