Monday, November 9, 2009

Water Marble

Here is my probably the finest attempt of water marbling. I think i am starting to really learn how to do it and don't repeat mistakes. The crucial turn for me was watching Nihrida's Tutorial .
I realized that i don't have to use a lot of polish, i can only make 2 drops of polish (instead of 5-6 as i used to do) ,and having a smaller dish for water really helps too.
I also used a lip balm around my fingers and cuticle - it makes cleaning a lot easier.
I like the result, but however where is still room for improvement :) And you know what?
People who think that Konading is messy, probably nether tried water marbling - for me this experience was very super messy and extremely time consuming - i spent liek 90 minutes making this look, and after all teh cleaning arround fingers, cuticul area is atill not very clean.

Right hand
For this look i used Orly "Polo Princess as a base color" and Zoyas"Vanessa"and "Purity" for the marbles.