Monday, October 19, 2009

Drug Store Finding - Scherer Chameleon

Recently i found this polish in my local Rite Aid store, it cached my eye, because i have not seen a lot of chameleons in blue, usually they have some yellow or purple shades, that i really don't like much. After a quick research online, i realized that this is rare to find scherer chameleon from limited edition. I can not tell you for sure how hard is that to find, but this is what blogs says.
This is a very strong duo-chromatic, and it really changes color dramatically from emerald green to metallic purple depending on the level of light. I did not catch he changes on the pictures unfortunately, but this polish is just lovely! I would call it one of the best chameleons i have seen that suits my personal taste.
Also i finally have got my package with the prizes, so tonight i am going to post c0ontest rules :D I am super excited and hope that a lot of my readers will participate in the nail-art contest. Thank you for reading and stay tuned .