Thursday, September 10, 2009

Color Club - "Wonderland" Collection

Here it is - wonderful and holidays flavored "Wonderland" from Color Club.
I think this is super cool to already have it, even that holidays are far ahead - so you can have plenty of time to think about what fabulous nail arts you can make with those polishes.
It is all about glitter this holiday season and Color Club offers triple glitter collection, a clear top coat also included.
By the way i want to say couple words about Color Club top coats, and especially 0-60 speedy top coats. I used it for about 2 weeks now, and i like it more and more with each use. It may not dry as fast as Seche Vite (as we all know it is the fastest) but it is still very fast, and i like the formula and the smoothness it delivers. And also i believe it makes your nails stronger and it really really really prevent polish from chipping. So in my opinion 0-60 speedy top coat is an excelent top coat and competitive alternative to Seche Vite. I may even switch compleately to the Color Club top coats.
So commign back to Wonderland - "Under teh milestone" - quite intence light green glitter. Will compliment well any darker color, but can be also used alone .2 coats pictures

"Yule Love it" - and i DO love it :) This one is my favorite from all collection. The secret is that this red glitter also have a red base wich makes it more opaque, and nice berry shade is quite unique for glitters. 2 coats on te pictures, but can be also used as one coat.

"Wonderland" - silver glitter wich is relaly pop on the darker color. The trick is that different sises of glitter pieces included in this polish - the effect is awesome it looks very flacky and snowy. I also added some decoration from "Boudoir" nail-art collection" to this black and silver gradient.