Sunday, August 30, 2009

Master of Disguise by Color Club

As you probably can see, i changed blog appearance today - i hope it is not too early for Halloween. But i am just super excited - Halloween is my favorite holiday. So since the site is all set up now, i decided to publish my swatches of the color club Halloween collection , to support the right mode.
"Master of Disguise " is a 4 mini lacquers collection created specially to fulfill your and of cause my Halloween needs. It consists of very good and opaque white and black shade, and supporting orange and dark purple glitters. And i am telling you it is a really big deal - to find really good whites and blacks. I always have troubles finding polishes opaque enough, and with Halloween collection Color Club just "tickled my pickle" - because white and black are really excellent. So here are some swatches.
Ghost of chance - don't let your chance for perfect white dissapear like a ghost... 2 coats
Abracadabra - wonderful bright orange glitter - perfect for design purposes - very sparkle stylish 3 coats
taBoo - must have - super beautiful and sparkle - 2 coats
Master of Disguise - Black is black - no more words, just the deepness..