Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zoya Goodies For Review

Hello dear Readers!
I have a got today a hole bunch of Zoya stuff for review - you can not even imagine how happy i am to have it all, and how excited about having so much fun with it. Especially cool is putting my hands on Zoya fall collections Truth or Dare.

Truth & Dare is a fall collection so the colors may be a little not like summer, but fall is coming anyway and those going to be the hottest colors of the fall. For my own taste Dare catches my eye a little more then truth(may be because i have so many secrets :) ) But both collections are super hot and as usually excellent quality and formaldehyde free. By the way just for your information most Zoya polishes are perfect "2-coaters" - means that one coat is not enough to get the color but 2 coats make it all perfect and even. This make it perfect base coats for designs, but unfortunately not the best to use as a design polish. But if you are like me crazy about gradient look - 2 coaters, and particulary Zoyas - are perfect candidates for gradation designs, and most of the gradations that have done and published in this blog where made with Zoya polishes.

So the plan is that i am going to make and post the designs using the hottest polishes from those collections, so you can enjoy some nail-art and see how the polishes really look on the nails and how can you used those polishes to create beautiful Nail-Art.
As about Zoya Color lock system, i am gonna challenge this system really hard. But you ll have to wait for this a little bit :) Ok i ll tell you now. I can not really make a trial of this system wile i have my regular life, i simple can not wear same polish and design more then one day, but in August we are going on the week vacations, so Color Lock system is going to face a real life beach vacation challenge, and certainly i ll share all the results with you, here in my blog.
I also have got a wonderful Hot lips - gloss collection that perfectly complete polish collection , the review is coming in couple days, so you d better stay tuned :)