Sunday, July 12, 2009

Revlon Runaway Collection Review

I finally put my hands on this famous product that have been recently showing up really a lot in beauty blogs. This is first time ever that i have got a samples from cosmetic companies for reviews and i am very proud :) However, i promise to be honest and clear with my reviews this time and in the future.
What do i think about faked nails - not even acrylic or gel, but totally plastic and faked?
Well before recently all i could have though about was - who hell would by and wear this stuff :) However Revlon runaway have changed my mind a lot about it. Trying those nails on i realized, that it really could be great one evening solution, if you have an event and don't have time to take better care of your manicure. I would not wear it for a week as Revlon states they can be worn, but you know what? I hardly can make couple days with my own manicure, because i just get tired of the same design.
The other problem that i faced is that tips were still too large for my little nail beds, but this is my own issue, if you have normal size nails, i am sure you ll be able to find the right size tips, since the set comes with nails in a huge variety of size. The really important thing is taking it off, do not even think of pulling it, because it will significantly damage your natural nail. The best way to remove is to put your fingers in acetone and wait about a minute.
I really liked the designs, and i really loved how it looked on my hands, i even went grocery shopping with Revlon nails on, and nails made it just fine.
The only thing i did not like about the set, is the smell of plastic, which is quite strong, and does not go away even after washing hands couple times, but other then that i think it is a useful and interesting product, if you use stuff like this, this probably would be one of the best.

Eye lashes extension is also part of Revlon Runaway collection, but i did not try it yet, i am gonna ask my friend to review it, since she is an expert in false eye lashes

This is my favorite design - it looks so perfect on the nails