Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pink Lace

My memory is so overloaded with all that stuff that we study at school, so i can't really think of anything else. I dont know if i have ever mentioned here that i attend a very hard and intensive graduate program on computer information system, and gosh - this is hard. Sometimes i feel that my head is just going to blow up. But the good news is that after the end of this semester i ll only have 2 classes left, so i am planning to graduate this December.
Good for me , doing my nails helps me relax and reboot :)
This particular design have helped me to solve the huge problem with my homework. When i was doing homework i get really stocked with one of the problems,so i decided to do my nails.

After nails was done, i solved the problem really quick, and also my computers fan, that blows like a space ship, makes my desk a perfect place to dry nails :)

And just to give you an idea what i am going thruw, pictu of nails with my books :)