Saturday, May 19, 2012


Nail School - Day 5 - Summary of Week One

Yesterday was my fifth day of nail school and I'm happy to say that I've completed 1 out of 8 weeks. On Friday the only notable thing that happened was that the waxing students practiced on my legs, so now my legs are silky smooth from being waxed! Which is much better than the ultra hairy-ness that always seems to happen in winter. They were pretty good! At least, I think... I never had my legs waxed before.

Here are my overall thoughts on the first week. I think that this program is really inefficient and I'm disappointed that it is so easy. I knew that signing up for this would be completely different from my university experiences, but I really didn't anticipate it being this bad. I use the word bad for a lack of a better word, but I want to be clear that I don't think nail school is "bad," I'm just surprised at how it is run. I'm a firm believer that the harder school is, the more you learn, so I'm concerned (at this point) that I won't learn everything I need to know by the time I graduate. And I'm not saying that I won't pass the mandatory state exams by the time I graduate, I'm saying that I think I won't be as skilled as I hoped this program would make me. I'm starting off pretty much from zero, I have no idea how to file my nails, I am still not totally sure what a cuticle is, and I kind of stink at polishing my nails (yes, the actual POLISHING). Also, can anyone tell me what the heck the difference between a squoval and a round nail are? They look exactly the same to me! How can I possibly learn all of that by the time this program is over when I feel like I wasted the first week.

After attending this first week, I've decided to make a list of goals that I want to achieve by the end of the program. Let me know if you can think of other things that I have forgotten/

1. First and foremost, I want to get my nail technician license. This is really the only reason I'm taking the class to being with. I want to be able to practice nail art on others as a (sort of) career.

2. I want to be able to shape and file nails so that they are all the same length and shape. This has always been really hard for me. I depend too much on the nail bed and not enough on the length of the entire nail. I also really stink at filing. Once I tried to make my nails square and they were all sorts of crooked and crazy looking.

3. I REALLY want to be able to create obele nails (see picture below). I think that I could do so much awesome nail art on these nails and I have an idea of how to make them more wearable too. I'm also interesting in learning the edge nail, which is a less dramatic version of the obele.

4. I want to have a job opportunity that allows me to do more nail art than the average nail tech. 

5. I want to get faster at nail art so that when I'm doing others nails it isn't too long of a procedure.

6. I want to find out what types of designs other likes and be better at taking requests. I mostly do designs that are on my own nails so I really want to get used to doing nails that I'm not necessarily passionate about myself, but that my client will love.

I'll let you know if/when I achieve any of these goals. I'll continue to blog about nail school and my experiences most days. Luckily, I have Monday off, so I'll be posting more Tuesday. Until then, I'll probably be posting some more nail art!


Recap 2011

Not only is it the first day of a new year, but it is also approximately 1 year since I began doing nail art! To celebrate, I thought I would look back at some of my favorite designs. Here is a chronological list of my 15 favorite nail designs! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed painting them. 

You can click on the title of each photograph to see my original post. 

Happy New Year!

These nails were inspired by the crazy Japanese horror movie  Hausu. They were the first nails that I  designed myself as opposed to using someone else's design.
2. Raccoon
I love the whole animal french tip phenomenon (like the pandas, pigs,  bunnies), so I decided to contribute by creating my own design and I came up with these adorable raccoons! The accent nails are their tails. 
Oh fruit nail art, how I love you! This is a simple summery set of nails that always make me smile! You can't go wrong with strawberries and kiwis! 
4. The Evil Dead 
As a huge horror fan, I can't *not* include these Evil Dead nails!  My index finger has a portrait of Ash, which was my first, and will be my last, attempt at portraiture!
5. Attack the Block 
Attack the Block is an awesome movie! A lot of people who were involved in Shaun of the Dead worked on Attack the Block and it's about an alien invasion in the 'hood of South London. These are by far my most famous nails as they were tweeted a lot. 
6. Asteroids
7. The Rolling Stones
I'm not always the most creative person, and it's usually easier for me to copy someone else's design than create my own. The Rolling Stones logo was perfect for nail art and I loved how these looked!
Initially these were inspired by M.C. Escher, but it was pointed out to me that they are also totally be the Q*bert background design, which makes them even more awesome! I do a lot of pattern designs, but these were my favorite of this year!
9. Life In Hell
It's possible that these are my all time favorites. These nails were inspired by one of my favorite people: Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama). And by one of my favorite comic series: Life In Hell. You can see Bongo, the one eared bunny, his father, and Akbar and Jeff. 
This was another set of insanely difficult nails. For these ones the difficulty was the layering. First I painted a solid gray base coat, then I painted a grid with has marks over all the nails, then I filled in the numbers, and finally the flags required outlining the boxes and then a little art work. But, these were totally worth it, I've wasted many hours playing Minesweeper and I was proud to sport these on my nails!
11. Nibbler/Futurama
My love of Matt Groening is probably well known, so included in this list are these Nibbler nails. On Futurama, Nibbler is Leela's pet  who poops dark matter (you'll notice my little dark matter piles of poo). I also really loved my first set of Futurama nails which can be seen here, but they didn't make the cut. 
11. Garfield
I have always loved Garfield. I think the comic is hilarious. My tribute to Garfield included Odie, some cat scratches, some markings, and of course creator Jim Davis' signature. 
12. Godzilla
Not only is Godzilla badass, but his representation of the atomic bomb is tragic. Here I depicted him trashing Tokyo by knocking his way through some power lines. 
13. Hamburglar
This was a set that was largely painted for Ron, the lover of all things hamburger. Hamburglar, from McDonaldland, dominated many a commercial in the 1990s and I have fond memories of being legitimately afraid that he would steal my hamburger. 
14. Eyeballs
I've done quite a few sets of eyeball related nails, but these are my favorite! I love that they manage to look cartoon-y and realistic at the same time! 
15. Taco Bell
How could a list of favorites not include Taco Bell? Taco Bell, is one of my favorite things ever and these nails made me really happy.

I hope you enjoyed this list of my 15 favorite nails! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that I can impress you more in 2012! 


Gel Polish nails

Hello All
I recently got a red carpet manicure system from ulta - and i love love love it!!!! Super durable on nails, i also got few gelish polishes that work perfectly with RCM base and top.
Here are my most recent nails: